2017-2018 Season

We are ready to kick off the new season! We have 14 teams this year! Our first game is October 15th starting at 4:30pm.

There are a few updated FIBA Rules this year:

Players now only need 2 total Unsportsmanlike and Technical fouls before being disqualified. (1U and 1T is now Disqualifying, the player must leave the game)
There is a new interpretation for Traveling. The rule has relaxed a bit for a couple situations making them legal. This is mostly to allow a better "Flow" for fast breaks and spin moves.
Finally, ANY foul that is not deemed "An Attempt for the Ball" is an automatic Unsportsmanlike Foul.

We are running a Ladder League again this year. This, unfortunately, means you may not play all teams before playoffs and you could meet a new team in the playoffs. This is to keep the league as competitive as possible within a teams skill level. You, however, will not meet the same team within 4 games so some variety will happen.