League Rules

  • Games will consist of two 20 minute halves stopped time.
  • We are playing FIBA rules.
  • In the event of a tie after regulation, there will be an extra 3 min stopped time to determine a win/loss/tie. No other overtime will be run except for playoffs. 
  • There will be a 2 minute break for half-time.
  • Each team is allowed 1 time-out per half, no carry over.
  • We are using the wide square key and the FIBA 3 point line.
  • Teams must submit lineups (including first and last names of players and their jersey numbers) to the scorekeeper at least five minutes prior to game time.
  • Each player MUST wear the same color jerseys with a non-duplicating numbers.
  • There will only be a shot clock, with 2 minutes left in the last half and any over-time.
  • Players must play in at least 50% of their regular season games to be eligible to play in the playoffs.
  • Players on rosters playing for another team will cause that team to take a forfeit.
  • Spares can play for multiple teams in a night. If a spare plays 50% of the games for one team, they will be considered part of the team.
  • There must be 5 players to start the game otherwise it’s considered a forfeit. A forfeit will cost the offending team $100 (paid to the opposing team). This is to cover the booking cost and referee's cost the team paid for unless the game is still played as a default.

Team Captain/Representatives

  • Teams are required to submit a team captain. The team captain will be notified of league changes or other important information.
  • Each team is required to have a player volunteer for a review committee. This person will be used to discuss any player suspensions if required throughout the season.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct/Technical Fouls

  • Use of profanity, whether directed at someone or not, will result in a technical foul.
  • In the judgment of the official, if a player is upset and disrupting the game in any way, he may be asked to take a substitution.
  • A player who, in the judgment of the official, verbally or physically abuses an official, player, or spectator will be subject to a technical foul or unsportsmanlike foul or removed from the game.. 
  • Unsportsmanlike/Technical Fouls have a $20 fee per offense, after the first, to play the next game. After 5 fee’s administered, a suspension will be issued.